Department of Ghanaian Languages & Linguistics
Department of Ghanaian Languages & Linguistics

 On behalf of the faculty and staff of the Department of Ghanaian Languages and Linguistics, I would like to extend to you a warm welcome. The Department of Ghanaian Languages and Linguistics is one of the oldest of the ten departments in the Faculty of Arts. The fundamental goal of the Department is to be a Centre of Excellence in research, study, usage and teaching of as many Ghanaian Languages as possible, especially those that the Republic of Ghana has approved for formal education. The Department offers undergraduate and graduate programmes. It offers courses in Ghanaian Linguistic Theory at all levels to facilitate the study of the Linguistics of each Ghanaian Language offered. It as well offers General Linguistics as part of its undergraduate programmes. At the postgraduate level, the Department offers courses to students who wish to pursue Master of Philosophy (M.Phil.) programmes in Akan or Ewe. Presently, courses are available in: Akan Language, Akan Literature, Ewe Language, Ewe Literature, Ga Language, Ga Literature. These programmes are aimed at training students to meet some demands on the market in the fields of teaching, media communication, translation etc. The Department is dedicated to quality education and research; our graduates are highly recruited within educational and research institutions, the media, government agencies, and publishing firms. You can also find detailed information about all of our degree options, courses, faculty and research throughout this website. To prospective scholars and students, we welcome you to be part of our challenging and exciting environment in your quest to seek an opportunity to develop yourself as a renowned linguist. I hope you consider joining us. I would encourage you to spend time to navigate our webpage. To all our dear students, the Department looks forward to making your UCC Education a success.

The Department of Ghanaian Languages and Linguistics is one of the oldest departments in the Faculty of Arts. The department which has been in existence since October 1974 was with the aim of training teachers for the Ghanaian Languages in the second cycle institutions. It started as the Department of Ghanaian Languages but later became a composite department in the 2006/2007 academic year when Linguistics was introduced. The vision to make the department a composite one had long been propagated by Opanyin K. Opare, Head of Department, 1987. He prayed at the time that a Department of Linguistics be established to expand the study of Ghanaian languages since Akan and Ewe were the only languages studied because the two were the only languages on which a lot of research had been undertaken. The Department is presently a Centre of Excellence in the study and use of Ghanaian Languages in the University of Cape Coast.  It promotes research into Ghanaian Languages and Linguistics and the production of learning/teaching material for the tertiary and pre-tertiary levels of education in Ghana.
Today, it is the vision of the Department to see Ghanaian Languages used as languages of administration at District, Regional and National levels. It also seeks to ensure quality training of its students and also sensitize the general public on the place and role of languages in national development, especially Ghanaian Languages.
One better way to assess an institution is to have a fair knowledge of its genealogy. Since the inception of the Department, there have been eminent individuals who have brought their knowledge and experience to bear in order to bring the Department this far. These knowledgeable individuals who have served in the capacity of Head of Department are:
C. K. Nyomi                                                   Period not known
Opanyin K. Opare                                           From - September 1987
Mr. F. K. Atakpa                                            October 1988 – September 1991
Prof. John Orleans Degraft-Hanson                   November 1991 – September 1997
Dr. Kingsley Andoh Kumi                                October 1997 – September 1998
Mr. F. K. Atakpa                                            October 1999 – September 2000
Mr. Edoh Torgah                                            October 2000 – September 2001
Mr. F. K. Atakpa                                            October 2001 – September 2004
Mr. Edoh Torgah                                            October 2004 – September 2012
Mr. Okofo Asenso                                          October 2012 – September 2014
Dr. Moses K. Kambou                                    October 2014 – Date
 Presently, the Department runs two Bachelor degree programmes and one M.Phil programme. At the Bachelor level, courses such as Akan, Ewe, Ga, and General and Applied linguistics lead to the award of B.A. (Arts) degrees in Akan, Ewe, Ga and Linguistics respectively. The Department also offers a Master of Philosophy (M.Phil) program in Ghanaian Languages. However, an M.Phil program in Linguistics is yet to come on stream. The Department is also to start a sandwich programme and establish a translation and editing desk.
The Department is blessed with erudite personalities who help to facilitate teaching and learning. These individuals who serve in the capacity of lecturers, principal/senior research assistants, demonstrators etc. have diverse areas of expertise that they bring to bear with the aim of helping students reach higher heights in life. The Department can boast of 13 Lecturers, 4 Principal Research Assistants, 1 Senior Research Assistant, 2 Demonstrators, and 2 Teaching Assistants/National Service Persons. Here is a list of teaching staff in the department:
Professor Edoh Torgah                                 Lecturer
Dr. Moses Kwadwo Kambou                         Lecturer
Dr. Mrs. Cecilia Kotey                                  Lecturer
Dr. Emmanuel Amo-Ofori                              Lecturer
Mr. Okofo Asenso                                        Lecturer
Miss. Comfort Asante                                   Lecturer
Mrs. G. M. F. Akyea+                                  Lecturer
Mr. Peter Alexander Hope                             Lecturer
Mr. Kofi Busia Abrefa*                                   Lecturer
Mr. Emmanuel Asubonteng                           Lecturer
Mr. Vincent Aziaku*                                      Lecturer
Mr. Lawrence Bosiwah*                                 Lecturer
Mr. Nii Adjei Adjetey^                                    Lecturer
Mr. Cosmas Rai Amenorvi                             Principal Research Assistant
Mr. Benjamin Kubi                                        Principal Research Assistant
Miss. Charlotte Laryea                                  Principal Research Assistant
Miss. Ernestine Abla Segbedzi                      Principal Research Assistant
Miss. Mercy Adzo Klugah                             Senior Research Assistant
Miss. Cynthia Datsa                                     Demonstrator
Mr. Felix Kpogo                                            Demonstrator
Mr. Edmund Ankomah Bimpong                     Teaching Assistant/National Service Person
Miss. Priscilla Osei Korama                           Teaching Assistant/National Service Person
* indicates study leave, +indicates sabbatical, ^ indicates part-time.
In addition to the teaching staff are 6 supporting staff. Here is a list of the supporting staff:
Mrs. Felicia Assibey-Ankrah                           Administrator
Mr. Alex Yaw Hunt                                         Administrator
Mrs. Ruby Bright Amanful                               Typist
Miss. Thelma Gidiglo                                      Liberian
Charles Aidoo                                                Messenger
Amos K. Tinadjei                                            Messenger

The Department of Ghanaian Languages and Linguistics has a well-resourced and updated library that assists students and lecturers in research. Books and publications in the library are catalogued, both digital and analogue. The Departmental Library is the only departmental library that has strong internet connectivity that aids research.
The Department has an outreach/internship coordinator and a research coordinator. The outreach/internship programmes enable students to do internship in the media and the outreach enable students study language language phenomena and collect data for various researches in the outreach communities.  

The Department of Ghanaian Languages and Linguistics is the resource centre to be if you want to pursue a linguistic research and be well abreast with language related issues.


The vision of the Department is to see Ghanaian Languages used as languages of administration at District, Regional and National levels.  



To ensure quality training of our students and also sensitize the general public on the place and role of languages in national development, especially Ghanaian Languages.


Coming soon!!!!!

Coming Soon!!!!!

The development of a nation depends on its cultural values and language. Like all developed countries, these pillars of existence have been the reason for their development and transformation. Ghana has a great opportunity to reach the apex of its development once there is a strong policy backing the pride we have in our language and culture.

    The Department of Ghanaian languages and Linguistics grooms its students in the Ghanaian Languages so as to come out as people who will cherish their heritage and use their own language in the betterment of life; hence promoting development. There are a number of prospects that current students and prospective students who wish to study in this august department can tap into. A number of opportunities that is worth tapping into are being a media person-either as television or radio broadcaster, translator and /or interpreter. Being an interpreter, either as a consecutive interpreter or a simultaneous one, to tourists or any occasion, is a very lucrative venture that position individuals well in society. To put it explicitly, with the influx of tourists in the country, the products of this department can also serve as tourist guides at the numerous tourist sites in the country.

Teachers of Ghanaian Languages are sought after locally and internationally. As a teacher of a Ghanaian language, one can teach at all levels of education in Ghana (be it in second cycle institutions, tertiary – teacher training colleges and Universities). Internationally, especially in the United State of America, Ghanaian languages like Akan is taught in some Universities, hence one can lucratively make a living out of this venture.

    The level of our development as a country,  coupled with the increasing number of media outlets that offer their services in the local languages, will in a short while require that a strong policy be made on the use of local languages at all levels of the economy. As a result, in a short while, newspapers will begin to be written in the local languages as well. In that vein, products of this department can work as Editors, journalists etc. Even presently, products of the department work as writers and editors in publishing firms. Also, the knowledge gained in linguistics and a Ghanaian Language positions you well to work as an Editor in Newspaper Corporations, government agencies etc.

    University education in its entirety grooms an individual to be research-oriented. Linguistic research employs all the scientific tools in conducting effective and purposeful research. Students, having learnt all these approaches and tools for conducting research acquire the skills; hence, they can as well be useful to research institutions.

    The Department of Ghanaian Languages and Linguistics is undoubtedly one that grooms social thinkers and Action-oriented individuals who effect change in their area of expertise. We welcome our prospective students to be part of this scintillating environment full of opportunities.